A.I. Technology


Deliver valuable Actions With Machine
Learning Algorithms

Spotad’s platform is based on powerful A.I technology backed by streamlined Real-Time data delivering adaptive algorithms for media buying alongside with Look-A-Like audiences, Insights and automation


Segmentation of User’s Devices according different characteristics for custom audience

Similar Audience

Find new customers using Look-a-Like modeling from your existing high quality users

Bidding Algorithms

Drive your campaign to positive ROI using ML algorithms that learns your traffic action patterns and adjust Bid price and Creative in Real-Time

Deliver Actions With Artificial Intelligence

Spending money on campaigns that never generate real revenue or high value users, is possibly the biggest pain of today’s advertisers. This is why we developed an AI platform that can automatically analyze data and optimize your campaigns toward metrics that actually make sense for the seasoned media buyer.
Our algorithms profile users and optimize ad campaigns to get you the sign ups, purchases and other quality measures advertisers are looking for.

Real Time Data Streaming

By capturing millions of events from multiple data sources, fast processing, cleansing, de-duplicating and enrich them, this vast data lake is at your reach any time anywhere in the system. Make smart, data-driven decisions.

Similar Audience

Spotad’s utilizes it’s own proprietary look-A-like engine to enrich profiles of users, devices, sources and various other attributes captured from the bid-stream, with a primary purpose to deliver better engagement and ROAS for ongoing campaigns based on a seed user base.
Similar Audience is frequently used to segment users based on Intent or Behavior, in which we find your high quality users profile and match it with the highest correlation level.

Latency Time
User Profiles
Daily Actions

Data Science at your Service

In order to support real time decision making bid by bid, Spotad has developed an open architecture for applied data science solutions.
Some of these out-of-the-box solutions are:

  • Predictive ML algorithms and automate A/B test of these models
  • Budget management models (Pacing)
  • Traffic and performance forecast models
  • Audience building – clustering & segmentation of users and devices for look-a-like and behavioral 

Media Buying Automation

Knowing media buying requires human intervention at creation and optimization, we’ve came up with few more features to enhance the trading routine:


  • Notification system – based on dynamic thresholds of metrics and anomaly detections
  • “Perspective Marketing” – an Action recommendation engine generating “receipt” for ROI improvment (Pacing)
  • Bulk actions for support via API and CSV

One Platform – Delivers Success

Spotad’s media buying platform offers :

  • Full campaign management UI – Platform as a Service
  • Media Buying automation for beginners and savy media buyers
  • Real time granular reports and dashboards
  • Integrated with with 3rd party tracking solutions, Ad Serving, Fraud and Quality partnerstargeting

Under the Hood

We got some more features to boost your buying capabilites:

  • Proprietary “Algo-to-Bidder” layer – Synchronised Machine Learning algorithms with latency lower then 10ms
  • Seamless connection to RTB inventories
  • Real time granular reports and dashboards
  • Traffic Shaping – automatically shape the traffic for you by learning your demand needs and adjusting the bid stream.
  • Enrich your Bid stream with CRM Data and 1st party Datasets
  • Open system for any type of Ad Serving

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