Power Up Your Brand Awareness
With “Brandformance”


On every Market, discover your Audience,
engage through premium traffic and high quality ads
that shine up your Brand


Making sure you buy what you actually pay for, from bid level targeting to audience characteristics


Taking out the complexity and hassle in campaigns creation and optimization through automation & machine learning


We believe in openness and transparency ,providing full access to your campaigns data & insights

Get familiar with your Audience

Target audience that fits best your consumer profile, either using external datasets or finding similar audiences at our profile store.

  • Audience Segments by behavior (Int. DMP)
  • Similar Audiences (Look-A-Like)
  • Dynamic Lists for Retargeting/Suppression
  • 1st Party Users lists
  • 3rd Party User segments

A Mobile First Experience

In today’s mobile advertising world, attracting “eye-balls” requires best in class ads that will engage your audience at the right time with the right message. Branded yet Personalized advertising made easy with multiple mobile first ad types tied with superior technology.

Global & Precise

Deliver global advertising campaigns through premium RTB exchanges via 7 (seven), globally spread, Data Centers, including mainland China.

With our proprietary bidder architecture, you can tap into millions of auctions per second with granular filtering to target your specific traffic characteristics and audiences.

  • Location verification using IP2GEO and Lat/Long
  • Device Model/OS cross reference with UA
  • Filtering on sources without bundles or Lat/Long
  • Low Latency of less then 10ms

Targeting Precision


  • Country/City/Zip
  • IP address
  • Proximity (Radius)

Time & Freq

  • Time of day
  • Day of Week
  • Flight Dates
  • Pacing
  • Frequency Cap

Ad Units

  • Ad Type
  • Ad Position
  • View-Ability
  • PMP

Traffic Sources

  • Inventory Type
  • Publishers
  • URL’s
  • App/Domains
  • Categories
  • Verticals


  • Make
  • Model
  • OS version
  • Browser
  • Language

Branding + Performance = “Brandformance”

In a world of programmatic buyers using big data and data science technologies,
Brand awareness is no different in delivering measurable marketing results.
Gathering signals as Views, Video Completions, Purchases in real-time allows Brands to move farther to ROI driven results, hence, Performance.

Trust and Safety

Keeping a close eye on Traffic & Ads behavior to detect and prevent fraudulent actions.

  • Fraud Detection
  • Media Profile Store
  • Anomaly Detection with Auto actions
  • Brand Safety
  • Malware free using the Media Trust scanner

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