The Next Generation Of
Mobile User Acquisition


Increase Conversions with Similar Audiences, High-Performing Ads Units and Machine Based Optimization

Find More Quality Users for Your Application

Powerful look-a-like engine that profiles your existing loyal customers, matching them to a 1B mobile profiles to uncover potential new clients that are more likely to convert.

  • Profile your customers and create Look-A-Like audiences
  • Engage with users and players through similar audiences sharing the interests/behaviour
  • Upload your user’s data and enjoy our MyDMP capabilities


Scouting traffic spots that deliver actions from engagement to click, download and activation. A validation step required for our supervised learning.


Getting to know your user base profiles and traffic characteristics. Creating a recipe for your app acquisition campaign


Delivering superior performance and return on advertising spend through automation & machine learning


Attract Users with Engaging Ads

While using their mobile devices, your clients attention spread over dozens of adverts and messages.
Spotad identifies to best ad your prospects are more likely to engage with at any given moment, either if its a Native ad to display banner, rich media and rewarded video.

A/B testing

Running multiple ad creatives to deliver the most effective ad unit bid-by-bid


Taking control over campaign optimization efforts with unique sets of features that drive more installs and post-install events


We take our advertising business seriously, making sure the placements we buy are seen by real users and delivers real actions

Tracking and Attribution

Taking off with machine learning based optimization and
automation requires strong data partners to deliver Installs
and Post install data in real-time.


  • Integrated with top notch attribution partners
  • Deliver post install events with values for ROAS calculation
  • Upload audience lists from attribution partners
    (suppression lists + similar audiences)
  • Dynamically add/remove users from targeting lists

Real Users, Not Just Devices

We do appreciate trust as a high virtue, but when it comes to ad tech we have zero tolerance for Invalid traffic and fraudulent behaviour.

  • In-house media profile store
  • Bid enrichment with view-ability and historical CTR%
  • ML algorithms that predict on CPA and not just CPI
  • IVT detection from Forensiq and MOAT
  • Malware free using the Media Trust scanner

Targeting with Precision

The biggest advantage RTB holds is about knowing what you bid on and acting instantly to address your marketing objectives.

We ensure sources and locations are genuine by various ways of verification: Device IP, Lat/Long and User agent while using DoubleClick for content verification and Brand Safety

  • IP2GEO verification
  • Device Model/OS cross reference with UA
  • Filtering on sources without bundles or Lat/Long
  • Brand safety by DCM

Verification Partners